dhDavid Hegarty of San Francisco and Kenrick Mervine of Denver Colorado perform duo organ concerts featuring two Allen classic organs, one classic and one theatre organ, or one pipe organ and one Allen. Repertoire ranges from classic to pop, but centers primarily on entertaining light symphonic music and film and Broadway music. David creates arrangements for organ and orchestra, in which he plays the orchestral parts via MIDI (incorporating symphonic sound modules) from an Allen organ, while Ken plays the organ parts on the other organ.

The duo has performed at the Crystal Cathedral, and various cathedrals and churches in California and Colorado, and at Allen Sales Seminars in Macungie, PA.



David Hegarty is best known in the Bay Area as the organist of the Castro Theatre since 1978. He also plays regularly at the Stanford Theatre (Palo Alto) and at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. He is a prolific composer/arranger, and, as a concert organist, he specializes in his own transcriptions of film music from Hollywood's Golden Age.

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