David Hegarty in Concert at the Castro Theatre, San Francisco

Celebrating 20 Years as Staff Organist

David HegartyMonday, November 2, 1998, 7:30pm

A musical retrospective of the special events—from the campy Joan Collins Film Tribute to the star-studded Godfather Reunion.

Also an entertaining introduction to the great film composers from Hollywood's Golden Era, featuring carefully crafted arrangements of great movie themes and underscorings by Max Steiner, Erich Korngold, Bernard Herrmann, etc.

Plus, world premiere of "Hole to China"—a new short silent film by local film maker Dan Weir. David has recently composed and recorded the organ soundtrack for this film.


David Hegarty is best known in the Bay Area as the organist of the Castro Theatre since 1978. He also plays regularly at the Stanford Theatre (Palo Alto) and at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. He is a prolific composer/arranger, and, as a concert organist, he specializes in his own transcriptions of film music from Hollywood's Golden Age.

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