World's Largest Organ Concert

October 15, 2000, 2:30 p.m.
Campbell United Methodist
1675 Winchester Blvd.

PRESS RELEASE—The San Jose Chapter of the AGO will feature San Francisco organist David Hegarty in a unique concert that truly exemplifies the AGO project goal for this nationwide simultaneous multi-concert event: "It is designed to entertain, inform, and engage new audiences for organ music, while giving seasoned listeners a fresh perspective on the organ's expansive repertoire."

Indeed, this program will introduce an orchestral dimension to the "classical" organ, involving a significant genre of the symphonic repertoire which is often overlooked by serious musicians.

In the manner of Hegarty's monthly "Organ Pops Concerts" at the "California Palace of the Legion of Honor," this will be a symphonic concert of unusually broad proportions, applying the resources of Campbell Methodist's versatile 48-rank Schantz to perform: